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Home Care Options in Lancaster & York, PA

Special Care offers various home care options in the Lancaster and York, PA areas to suit you and your loved one's needs. We're able to provide hourly home care, live-in home care, sleep over care, and other customized solutions to fit your budget.

Hourly Home Care

Our flexible hourly care plan allows you to schedule just the care you need -- no more and no less. From four hours to twenty four hours, our caregivers can provide non-medical home care services to suit your needs and budget.

Live-In Home Care

Often times, a client will need 24 hour supervision, yet nursing home care is not wanted and living with family is not possible. Live-in home care is designed for this unique situation. Our clients generally choose this live-in option when care will be long-term. A referred, live-in caregiver does just that: lives in the home in the Lancaster and York area and is available 24 hours day to provide both client and family peace of mind, knowing that someone is there if help is needed. Special criteria do apply for a client to be considered "Live-In Home Care Appropriate". Please contact us for additional information regarding these criteria.

Sleep Over Home Care

This option is a perfect alternative to separate shifts for morning and evening care and works well for those who need assistance at night as well as in the morning. The caregiver is in the home on a twelve-hour shift, sleeps overnight and is there if the client needs help throughout the night. This is also a great option for individuals who are afraid or lonely at night or simply rest better knowing that help is available if needed.

Customized Home Care Services

If the above options don't fit your needs, we can work with you! ! Need a combination of non-medical home care services or shorter hours of services? We can setup a program for your unique needs and preferences. Contact us today at our Lancaster or York locations to find out more!

Home Health Care vs Home Care Services

Although they sound similar, the terms home health care and home care are very different. Many people confuse these terms so we feel it is important to describe the differences so you can make an informed choice about the type care you need for your loved ones.

Home health care services are often recommended by a physician and provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services, not provided by home care services. Home health care nurses or aids are authorized to administer medication to patients. Physical therapy is also typically provided by home health care services. Home health care services may also provide limited help with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, cooking, housekeeping etc. If you are looking for more extensive assistance with the tasks of daily living, you will want to contact a home care service like Special Care and not a home health care service.

In contrast, home care services like Special Care do not focus on the medical aspects of the clients we care for. Our caregivers focus on making life easier for clients by providing a comforting presence, helping with the tasks of daily living, transportation to appointments and overall companionship. Since our caregivers are not registered nurses, they are not authorized to administer medication, but they can remind patients to take prescribed medications. If your main concern for your loved ones is not medical in nature, a home care service like Special Care can offer the best assistance for your needs.

Special Care provides professional elder and senior care givers so your loved one can remain safe at home. We provide many options of in home care to suite all needs.
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